Bayelsa poll: Politicians bragged of buying INEC- LP candidate, Eradiri

Bayelsa State Labour Party governorship candidate for November 11, poll, Udengs Eradiri, has alleged that some politicians in the state have bragged of buying the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in the poll.

Eradiri, on Thursday, during an interactive session with newsmen at his campaign office in Yenagoa, called on INEC, to redeem its image and conduct free and fair election in the state that will be accepted by all.

He said: “They are boosting that they are going to buy the whole INEC, can you imagine the level INEC has been reduced to and people are boosting to buy INEC.

“That is how shameful our electoral institution has become, and as Labour Party, and participant in this election, we are using this opportunity to send message to INEC that they are already planning to buy them.

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“You (INEC) are now so cheap that you are now on the altar of buying and selling for an election that should be about the will of the people, that should be about the issue that affect the well-being of the people, they have turned it to buying and selling.

“They have already gathered money to give to security and INEC, that is the level our electoral process has gone to.

“I will not reduce myself to that level, even if I have all the money in the world, I will not reduce myself to buying and selling the process that will make you have no connection with the people.”

I will save Bayelsa from backwardness

He promised to save Bayelsa State from under-development and backwardness.

He said: “Compare Bayelsa to other states in the country, you will discover that we are backward in all indices, and yet we are supposed to be the richest state, we have received trillion of naira over the years.

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“Our educational institutions are in sorry state, we have no teachers in our schools, those who are even teaching well are next to none.

“The economy of the state is nothing, as I speak, businesses are closing down in Bayelsa.

“We will look at healthcare, our health institution is in the mess, look at the sanitation and water situation in the state, no proper drainages, the sewage system is something else.”

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