Declaring our HDOS wanted by military can’t intimidate us -IPOB

Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has condemn the Nigeria military for declaring its Head, Directorate of State, HDOS, Mazi Chika Edoziem, wanted along with violent terrorists, bandits and criminals.

IPOB in a statement by its media spokesperson, Emma Powerful, on Sunday, said:

“The Nigerian government failed and will always fail to stop IPOB by their use of intimidation, blackmail, and propaganda because we have maintained a non-violent approach in our self-determination movement to restore Biafra Nation.

“Linking Simon Ekpa, Zuma, Temple, and gentle the murderers to the gentle leader is totally reckless attitude of the Nigeria military headquarters.

“All these criminals mentioned, IPOB distanced itself from the time immortal and we cannot associates with criminals and vampires.

“IPOB worldwide assured our people that they cannot deceive them or harm them for any reason.

“The Nigerian defence headquarters showed that they are confused about ESN Operatives and IPOB volunteers and movement.

“Mazi Edoziem, the Head of HDOS, is a gentle and disciplined leader who has led IPOB peacefully for over a decade and has maintained the United Nation’s principles of seeking self determination through a referendum.

“He has not been associated with any crime or violence, neither in BiafraLand or in diaspora.

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“For the Nigerian military to declare him wanted among the violent terrorists and criminals is the same violent suppression approach that the lawless Nigerian government has adopted against Biafrans and the self-determination movement

“It is unfortunate that the Nigeria military have reduced their reputation by turning themselves into a propaganda Army.

“The Nigerian security forces know that the violent criminals in the East are under the command of the Nigerian agent, Simon Ekpa.

“Those criminals are not ESN operatives nor IPOB volunteers led by Mazi Edoziem under leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Those criminals were recruited by the Nigerian government through Simon Ekpa.

“They used them to infiltrate and blackmail IPOB, but we busted and exposed them earlier.

“Irrespective that IPOB have severally disassociated our movement from them, the Nigeria government keeps linking their activities to IPOB/ESN in order to achieve their mission, which is to blackmail us.

“The secret deal that APC led government in Nigeria entered with Simon Ekpa and his recruited criminals to blackmail IPOB will be further uncovered as we go along one day at a time.

“The Nigeria Defense Headquarters and the military spokesman should tell the world why they declared Mazi Edoziem wanted.

“Let the propaganda government in Nigeria explain what crime Mazi Edoziem committed to be declared wanted?

“The Nigerian Government declared Mazi Edoziem along with notorious criminals, terrorists, and bandits just to demonize him before the International Community because his leadership has frustrated every effort to destroy IPOB family since our leader, Kanu was kidnapped and extraordinaryly renditioned to Nigeria.

“Mentioning the name of Mazi Edoziem with the bandits and terrorists is an insult to the IPOB global family.

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“Moreso, Nigeria government and her murderous military are eroding their leftover integrity globally in their desperation to suppress IPOB.

“The International Community knows that IPOB is not a terrorist organisation.

“The Nigerian government and her military have all the intelligence and can’t claim ignorance of those responsible for insecurity in the East.

“They know that IPOB is innocent, but the criminals were set up to blackmail IPOB to justify violent suppression of our non-violent self-determination struggles.

“The Nigerian government, over the years, has adopted efforts to demonize, harass and intimidate IPOB without success.

“The current wave of media blackmail and propaganda will never deter our resolve towards Biafra Self- Determination.

“The threat of arrest of our leaders will not stop us because we have incurred no offense in the pursuit of Biafra Self- Determination.

“We have crossed the Rubicon. If you want one of us, be ready to take all of us. We are focused and resolute in Biafra Independence restoration,” the statement added.

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