ESQ Nigeria Legal Awards organisers unveil finalists

— ALN/Aluko & Oyebode, DOA, Olaniwun Ajayi top nomination

The organisers of Nigerian Legal Awards, NLA, have unveiled finalists for this year’s awards taking place on July 7, 2024 at the Landmark Event Centre, Lagos.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, Chief Organiser and Publisher of ESQ Legal Practice Magazine, Lere Fashola said that this year’s awards will focus on the impact and innovation of the recipients in promoting legal practice within the changing socio-political landscape of Nigeria.

Fashola disclosed that this year’s winners of the awards will be selected from 26 categories including practice based, corporate in-house, rising stars under 40, dispute resolution team, law firm of the year, (small/mid-term/large practice), managing partner of the year , amongst others.

“The Nigerian Legal Awards, now in its 13th edition, represents a beacon of excellence within the Nigerian legal landscape. Established by ESQ Legal Practice Magazine, these awards celebrate the pivotal role of lawyers as catalysts for economic prosperity and societal development. They serve as a platform for spotlighting exceptional achievements, innovation, and unwavering dedication within the legal profession.

“Over the years, the Nigerian Legal Awards have had a profound impact on the legal profession, by not only showcasing the achievements of Nigerian legal professionals on the global stage but also, has become a veritable resource platform for networking and access to interactive opportunities for Nigerian lawyers in the global legal community.

“The Nigerian Legal Awards serve as a platform for promoting excellence and innovation within the legal profession. By recognizing and celebrating the achievements of lawyers and law firms, the awards inspire others to strive for greatness and push the boundaries of legal practice. The awards also highlight the importance of innovation in addressing the evolving needs of clients and society.

“The judging panel for the Nigerian Legal Awards comprises esteemed legal professionals with vast experience and expertise. These individuals, many of whom are heads of African Practice Groups in major international law firms or CEOs of prominent companies, bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to the evaluation process.

“Despite their demanding schedules, the judges devote considerable time and effort to carefully review each entry, ensuring that deserving candidates receive the recognition they deserve. Their dedication to maintaining the integrity of the awards underscores the prestige and significance of the Nigerian Legal Awards.”

A breakdown of this year’s finalists showed that ALN/Aluko & Oyebode received the highest number of 15 nominations across different categories.

The law firm was named in many as finalists in many categories including Dispute Resolution Team of the Year, Corporate and Commercial Team of the Year, Banking and Finance Team of the year, Energy and Power Team, Merger and Acquisition team amongst other.

Duale, Via and Alex-Adedipe was named in 10 categories followed by Olaniwun Ajayi LP.

Other law firms that were named in the awards categories also include G.Elias & Co, Bloomfield LP, Transadivosry Legal, Shield and Buckler Associates, Solola and Akpana, Stran & Blan Partners, Jackson Etti and Edu, Hamu Legal , Compos Mentis, Folashade Alli & Associates, Edoigiqiawerie & Company LP, Fidelis Adewole and Tominiyi Owolani.

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