Govt must investigate security lapses that enabled Plateau attacks -Amnesty Int’l

Amnesty International has said the Nigerian authorities must investigate the inexcusable security lapses that allowed the horrific killing of over 140 people by gunmen across over 20 villages of Bokkos and parts of Barkin-Ladi local government area of Plateau State..

Amnesty International in a statement by its Director, Isa Sanusi on Tuesday, said: “Our investigation shows that the gunmen were on a rampage of killing and destruction for more than 48 hours, moving from one village to another.

“Apart from Bokkos local government area where the attacks started and lasted hours, the gunmen also crossed into Barkin Ladi local government area and killed dozens of people in Hurum, Daruwat, Maiyanga and NTV villages.

“President Bola Tinubu must set up an impartial, independent and effective panel to investigate the apparent failure of security agencies to halt the bloodshed hours after villages that were attacked were gathering dead bodies of those killed and conveying those injured to hospitals.

“Patterns of recent deadly attacks on the rural areas of Plateau state, clearly show, the Nigerian authorities have left these communities at the mercy of rampaging gunmen.

“Nigerian authorities’ failure to tame the tide of this violence is costing people’s lives and livelihoods, and without immediate action many more lives may be lost,” said Isa Sanusi.

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“Although Tinubu promised to put in place new ways of addressing increasing insecurity in the country, the attacks in Plateau state and recently in some parts of Benue, Zamfara, Sokoto and Katsina State show that protecting lives and property is low on the list of the government’s priorities.

“Issuing statements condemning the attacks is not enough and genuine commitment to protecting the people must be demonstrated by ensuring justice.

“The brazen failure of the authorities to protect the people of Nigeria is gradually becoming the ‘norm.’ President Tinubu said he will enact security measures in response to these attacks, but these promises have so far proven to be empty.

“The Nigerian authorities are obliged under international human rights law, regional human rights treaties and Nigeria’s own constitution to protect the human rights of all people without discrimination and that includes the right to life.

Amnesty International is calling on Nigerian authorities to independently investigate all the Plateau attacks and ensure accountability by bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Spate of these killings is an evidence of failure of authorities to protect the people. Inability of authorities to bring attackers to justice is fuelling impunity,” it added.

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