NLC, TUC to shut down Imo over attack on Ajaero

Organised labour in the country, will from Wednesday, shut down Imo State, following November 1, 2023, brutalization of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, President, Mr. Joe Ajaero.

Rising from a meeting on Tuesday, NLC and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, declared an immediate and total strike in Imo State from midnight Tuesday over the battering of Ajaero, other labour leaders among others.

Brutalized NLC, President, Mr. Joe Ajaero

Labour also declared a nationwide strike from November 14, 2023, over the same matter.

NLC, TUC, should declare total strike action
Meanwhile, lawyer and activist, Mr. Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, SAN, has declared support to labour to protest the oppressive tendencies of Imo State government and all its collaborators.

Adegboruwa in a statement said: “I support the move by labour and civil society to resist the oppressive tendencies of the state and all its collaborators.

There is no need for a prolonged meeting on this matter. It has been all promises no concrete action. And people are buying yacht and billion billion cars for their wives while the masses hold the short end of the stick. Enough is enough.

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The Tinubu administration has shown that it has no regard for labour. The Uzodinma government insulted the collective mentality of all labour unions and subjected the symbol of their leadership to unprovoked terror and humiliation. It is totally unacceptable.

The state unleashed terror on NLC President, who was only deploying civil and lawful means to register a protest.

The reaction from NLC and TUC must be reciprocal, decisive and equal to the terror from the state and its collaborations or else they should forget that they are labour unions.

Let there be a total strike and showdown until the government would do the needful.

This should not be a matter for a long debate by NLC and TUC.

The foundation of their very existence has been challenged by the state and it must be resisted with all available labour forces and remedies,” he added.

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