Ogbankwa, Martins threaten Nosa Eghe, Sandra Agho with law suit over false accusations 

… Demand retraction of published false allegations
Sandra Agho
Nigerian Lawyer, Writer and Policy Analyst, Douglas Ogbankwa, has called on Nosa Eghe, who runs TMC Media and his guest in an edition of their Pidgin English Programme on YouTube, Whatsapp and Instagram to retract all the false allegations made against him and his client, Kelvin Martins.
He is also  demanding compensation to them or same will be doubled in court.
Ogbankwa said the false allegations include the one that Kelvin Martins, when there was evidence even in the Programme sired by TMC Media that Sandra Agho, willing gave full custody of the Child Johannes Martins to Kelvin Martins.
Kelvin Martins
According to him, same custody was  confirmed by lawyers to Sandra  Agho -Obasuyi & Obasuyi.
He added that another false allegation was that Kelvin Martins collected 500million, using the child, an allegation Sandra Agho knew to be false, but was peddling it to rubbish the name of Dannish Based Dane of Nigerian Descent.
Ogbankwa noted that they also made false allegations against him, same known to be false by even the Nosa Eghe, who orchestrated the falsehood, even as a friend.
In a letter written on their behalf by Douglas Ogbankwa Law Firm, Ogbankwa and Kelvin Martins first stated that Sandra Agho is the name of the young Lldady, her name was not in any way Sandra Martins and she was never been  married to Kelvin Martins.
Convener, Security Situation Room, SSR, and lawyer, Mr. Douglas Ogbankwa


He stated that Sandra Agho has a penchant for not telling the truth, including falsely stating  that gunmen came to attack her in her house, whereas, evidence abound that it was courier service that served her letter to produce the Toyota Hylander car belonging to Kelvin Martins, which she had illegally expropriated to herself and attempted to change the vehicle particulars, before FRSC alerted Kelvin Martins.
Further speaking on the matter,  Ogbankwa said:  “Nosa Eghe is about to enter into the biggest legal battle of his life.
“I know how that interview was arranged by the same people who got Sandra Agho a lawyer.
“Same people who masqueraded as my friends and did a Ponzi interview that a German Television wants to do a report on the matter only for them to use the materials to lie to get International Funding to get a lawyer for Sandra Agho.
“Unfortunately for them, they are dealing with the wrong lawyer.
“I am joining every one involved in court, including the two lawyers whose accounts of the incidence are contradictory.
“The two persons who deceived my client and I about a German Television Interview that has now been confirmed to be a scam will also be joined in this matter.
“This matter shall reveal to the International Community how fraudulent some of the so called activists in Nigeria are. Enough is Enough,” he added.

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