Setting security agenda for President in a few hours, Bola Tinubu

By Douglas Ogbankwa
Setting up of a Home Land Security Department, to be headed by a Person Equivalent to a Minister that will rid this country of the various militia groups and to stop the kidnappings on our expressways .
Refocusing the Nigeria Immigration Service to rid this country of undocumented and illegal Immigrants, who are fueling the insecurity in Nigeria.
Protection of our agrarian farmers from the activities of killer herdsmen-many of whom are not Nigerians who have become above the Law and slaughter and rape our people.

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Dismantling the Illegal Nigeria Custom Service Roadblocks on Nigerian gighways, which are flashpoints of extortion and robbery of innocent Nigerians by armed custom agent. Any where in the world the Jurisdiction of The Custom is in the Ports.
Restructuring the Nigeria Police Force and guaranteeing its Independence from appointment to Operations. Enduring that all the monies budgeted for the Police get to the end users .Remove the Police from the Contributory Pension Scheme ,which has adversely affected the morale of Police Officers and operatives. Also make the Pension of Acs, DCs and CPs and other officers / rank and file, as rewarding as those of AIGS and above.
Increase Nigeria’s surveillance capacity by deploying technology like CCTV and other ICT Compliant Measures.
Create a common identity and forensic database to solve crime in Nigeria.

Incoming President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria

Tackle the issues of oil bunkering to shore up our revenue as a country.
Tighten the the accounting and audit policy in Nigeria by stopping cash transactions in Government MDAs.
Provide for the Office of the Federal Prosecutor in every major town in Nigeria with many lawyers working under them, to ensure a synchronised prosecutorial policy in Nigeria.

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Ensure that the allocation of the Judiciary at all Levels are paid from the first line charge to all Heads of Courts in Nigeria, as Provided for in Section 121(3) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,1999 (As Amended), to ensure the Independence of the Judiciary. Remove the President and governors from the appointment and swearing processes to secure the independence of the Judiciary.

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