Stop castigating Emefiele, Agbor stakeholders tell Akpabio

A Delta State-based pressure group, the Agbor Stakeholders Forum, ASF, has called on the Senate President, Mr. Godswill Akpabio, to desist from his constant public attacks on former Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, as doing so could be self-indicting since “he lives in a big glass house.”

The forum made the call against the backdrop of a recent public attack on Emefiele by Akpabio at a reception for him in his home town in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.

At the event, Akpabio had been quoted as saying that President Bola Tinubu was clearing the former Central Bank governor’s mess as he “left a big hole in the national treasury, … I still stand by my position.”

Irked by this, an aggrieved Agbor Stakeholders Forum had in a statement by Kanene Kachikwu, recalled that Akpabio had last February at a function in Rivers State, also “publicly and unwarrantedly disparaged Mr. Emefiele, saying to his audience that Emefiele’s crimes were too many, the Federal Government didn’t know what to charge him with.”

Former Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. Governor, Godwin Emefiele

Reprimanding Akpabio for making such careless and baseless statements against Emefiele, the group reminded him that his unguarded utterances may act of self-annihilation as it may end up debasing him and his exalted office, adding, “He must not take Emefiele’s professionalism and deep patriotism for granted.”

Making references to Akpabio’s past tenures as governor and minister, the group alleged that he did not exactly cover himself in glory, positing, “There’s no gainsaying that our brother Emefiele is a saint compared to Akpabio. Need we reiterate that Emefiele rose to the heights of his banking career, helping to build one of the biggest and best banks in Africa.

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“It was at the pinnacle of the hallowed financial institution that he was headhunted for the exalted job of governor of Central Bank of Nigeria.

“As CBN governor, discerning analysts will testify that Emefiele saved the Buhari administration.

“His sterling policies prevented Nigeria’s economy from plunging headlong into the abyss as we have seen in the last one year. Emefiele’s unique and customised development financing was the game-changer during the Buhari era.

“Finally, we state without a fear of contradiction that while Emefiele has been turned inside out by numerous investigators for one year with no a concrete charge,  Akpabio cannot stand one day of scrutiny. Yes, one day.

“Finally, we state once again as we have done from day one that our brother is an innocent victim of a vicious All Progressives Congress, APC, power play.

“Emefiele was caught in the crossfire of APC’s presidential tussle during the 2023 presidential election. The election has been won and lost.

“Fortunately, President Tinubu got his coveted prize. We urge him to show magnanimity and exhibit statesmanship.

“We urge him to grant Emefiele amnesty and let him go, especially on the first anniversary of his tenure.

“We dare to add that Emefiele still has so much to contribute, particularly in times of economic turbulence as we witness in Nigeria today.”

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