Sudan: Ensure no Nigerian is killed, tribal leaders charge FG

Ahead of the planned evacuation of thousands of Nigerians, especially students, stranded in war-torn Sudan, a group of leaders from various tribes in the country has called on the federal government to put in more efforts and ensure that no Nigerian citizen loses his life as a result of the war.

The tribal leaders under the auspices of ‘The Natives’ made the special appeal in a statement issued Tuesday in Abuja,

Hundreds of people have reportedly been killed since the war began between the forces of the two opposing generals in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Supreme Leader of ‘The Natives’, Hon. Smart Edwards in the statement, called on politicians across board and Nigerians in high places to use their diplomatic contacts to ensure the safety of all Nigerians residing in Sudan, particularly in Khartoum.

According to Edwards, while the initial efforts put in place by the Nigerian government to ensure evacuation of Nigerians are noted, The Natives demand that more needs to be done by the government and all well-to-do Nigerians “to ensure immediate evacuation of our brothers and sisters who are helpless students and youths in the war torn country”.

He said; “Save our helpless students and youths please, and ensure no life is lost. We recognise efforts put in place so far but we demand that more needs to be done and done urgently too. We, The Natives, believe that the Nigerian government has the capacity to evacuate our brothers and sisters trapped in Sudan, and we are urging all stakeholders to ensure that no life of a Nigerian is lost in the ongoing crisis”.

He however expressed confidence that the incoming administration of the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, will promote peaceful coexistence, fairness and ensure justice to every segment of the country.

While calling on Nigerians to learn a lesson of peace in the ongoing Sudan experience, The Natives Supreme Leader said: “No sacrifice is too much to ensure a peaceful coexistence in the country.

He added: “We, the Natives, have vehemently been in the forefront of campaign against disunity, segregation, discrimination, fake news and sabotage that could lead to anarchy, animosity, tribal and religious sentiments among Nigerians.”

The statement also called on all African leaders, African Union, ECOWAS and other world leaders to intervene dispassionately and give no room to negligence in the ongoing crisis in Sudan and ensure restoration of peace to the Nation.

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