Workers Day: APC govt has shown disdain for workers -Labour Party

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to mark the May 1 Workers Day, Labour Party, LP, has accused the All Progressives Congress, APC, Federal Government of continuously showing disdain for Nigerian workers.

LP National Chairman, Julius Abure, in a statement on Tuesday, said: “May 1st every year is marked as Workers’ Day across the globe and Nigeria, as a member of the international community, is not left out of the celebration.

“Labour Party, not unmindful of the numerous challenges facing workers in Nigeria is however, sending warm felicitation to these patriots who against all odds have continued to discharge their duties in the service of fatherland.

“The government of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has continuously shown disdain for workers in Nigeria.

“As we speak now, the minimum wage is still N30.000. There are unfair workers practices by employers across the country.

“The inflation in Nigeria is unprecedented. Unemployment and underemployment are unimaginable and unacceptable while welfare of the workers are swept under the carpet.

“Negotiations for wage increase between the government and leaders of workers union have lingered for too long and the end is not anywhere in sight.

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“At slightly over N400 to a dollar when this present government assumed office a year ago, the naira has devalued to about N1,500 per dollar, yet the workers still continue to earn the prevailing minimum wage.

“Today, most workers cannot afford the basic needs in their homes under the prevailing economic strangulations.

“The leadership of the Labour Party is therefore urging the government to agree without further delay, a harmonized minimum wage as proposed by the workers leadership.

“Nigerian workers must also not relent in their demand for a living wage.

“This is because the government has chosen to spend trillions in construction of mundane projects like Lagos-Calabar Coastal road, yet finds it inexpedient to invest in workers welfare.

“Labour Party, being the party for Nigerian workers is willing to team up together with the leaders of workers’ unions in concerted efforts to fight for better working conditions for our workers.

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