A new Nigeria: It can only be delayed, it can’t be denied

By Ajibola Ubi

There is something more lethal than the force of the barrel of guns and bullets. It is the Will of the people.

History is replete with revolutions, fundamental changes that were never contemplated or considered possible because of the power of dictators and tyrants who held sway in those places.

Those dictators rode comfortably unchallenged for a long time, until they thought they were gods who held the destiny of the masses and could manipulate them at their whims and caprices.

Then suddenly, a political resurgence, a sort of awareness, an unquenchable patriotism, a passion to change the status quo, blew upon the masses, and they could no longer endure the oppression of the elites, the tyrants, and the dictators.

Their destinies would no longer be controlled or manipulated by a few unconscionable elements in power. The inevitability of change stared the masses on the face, and the force of the Will of the people must be invoked, mustered and served to the oppressors.

The people stood up courageously and fearlessly, daring the guns and the bullets against which they have been subjugated all along. The opium of political treachery and bewitchment lost its anesthetic power, the folly of the oppressors was unraveled, and then the rights of the people was discovered.

The Will of the masses must now be invoked and enforced. The Will of the people though seemingly fragile in the face of armored tanks and canons of the oppressors, its force is unimaginably impregnable and unconquerable.

Nigerians have decided to end the old order. The masses have invoked the force of the Will, and nothing will stand on their way to change. The aphorism that ‘Where there is a Will, there is a Way’ is a manifest reality in Nigeria.

The elites and the APC government might be asserting some form of audacious mien and the already blunt strategies of intimidation and impunity, the tidal wave of bloodless revolution is so strong to be swayed or assuaged. The hour is here. It is an auspicious and timeous hour.

The wriggling of a snake whose head has been cut off is never a threat or anything to bother about. It’s a matter of time its death will be confirmed.

The evil system is gasping for breath. Its survival is not only slim but zero. That is the fate of the elites and the present system.

Fighting Peter Obi or the Labour Party is a consequential monumental error. It’s a misinformed, misdirected, and misguided futile effort. The people of Nigeria are the owners of the revolution and the Obidient Movement. The Labour Party and Peter Obi are platform and symbol respectively for the expression of the people’s Will.

Tinubu is a placeholder! He is a shadow of delay, not a substance of denial. The conflagration of the people’s Will will soon consume him and his accomplices in the February 25th political robbery.

Today’s inauguration is a mere ritual, the real ceremony is on the way. Don’t give up, keep hope alive!

* Ajibola Ubi, Legal Adviser, Labour Party.

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