Diri spent N3b per kilometre on Glory Drive dual carriageway -Eradiri

Mr. Udengs Eradiri, Labour Party, LP, governorship candidate in the Bayelsa State’s November 11, poll, has accused Governor Douye Diri of spending N3billion per kilometre on the 10.2km phase II of the Glory Drive dual carriageway.

Eradiri, who spoke at his residence in Yenagoa on Wednesday after receiving officials of the US Consulate-General led by the consulate’s Political/Economic Section’ Chief, Mr. Mike Elvin, queried how the road project, which he claimed was almost completed by former Governor Henry Dickson, could still gulps such outrageous amount of money.

He said: “Is this N30billion part of the money that was spent from inception or this is the one he just used to tile that road? It means that one kilometer was N3billion. There is a huge fraud going on here. Somebody needs to explain to Bayelsans how in 10 kilometers, you spent N30billion on a road you did not sand-fill.

Udengs Eradiri, LP governorship candidate in Bayelsa State

“Sand-filling of that road was done by Governor Dickson. I have strong reservations about that amount spent on that road.

The governor should also tell us all the roads, how much did you spend on them? Because it’s as if somebody is not doing his arithmetic properly or they are deliberately using road construction to syphon funds in this state.

“Tell us, the Nembe-Brass Road, how much have you earmarked? How much have you mobilised? When is it going to be concluded, whether it is in your tenure or not?

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You tell us because these are projections that are made in every project. For the governor to tell us that he spent N30billion on a 10 kilometer road, something is fundamentally wrong.

“So, I have reservations, same way he must tell us how much he had spent on the Ekeremor Road, so that we know whether we are harboring political criminals or we have governors, we want to know.

“If you tell us that you spent N30billion in that place, then we need to know how much you spent in Ekeremor for a road that was practically done by the former administration.

This clarity needs to be done for us to know who we are dealing with. If we have somebody who is squandering our resources, they should come and tell us.

“There has to be accountability in Bayelsa because the monies that have come to the state are not commensurate to the said projects. The road to Southern Ijaw is one lane, in this modern day, who is building one lane road?

The road to the Brass they are talking about with the potential of Brass and the blue economy, it is one very narrow lane.

“The Ekeremor road that is supposed to hit Agge, the best shoreline for a port is one narrow lane. For me, I call on the governor to come out clean on the cost of all the projects that he is involved in.”

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