Fix gully ravaged portions on Owerri-Onitsha Expressway, group  tells  Umahi

A civil society organisation, Security Situation Room, SSR, has asked the Federal Minister of Works, Engr. Dave Umahi, to repair and fix the three gully erosion ravaged sections of the Owerri Onitsha ExpressWay that have  caused considerable pains to the commuters of the road.

The premium  online  Nigerian security tracking platform in a statement on Sunday in Owerri, Imo State by it’s Convener, Mr. Douglas Ogbankwa, said:

“We have observed the there are dangers ahead for commuters travelling through the Owerri Onitsha Express Way.
“We state that there have been misgivings about the marginalisation of the Igbos in appointments into the Federal Government establishments,  which had been raised by concerned citizens.
Dr. Douglas Ogbankwa


“The same citizens by the pulse of the people feel that the abandonment of the said gully erosion portions of the road is part of the marginalisation of the Igbos.
‘The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, should also hear the voice of people as the Romans said Voce populi, vox dei:the Voice of the People is the Voice of God.
“We ask the Federal Government to pay more attention to the South East, as the easiest way to rebut marginalisation is engagement of the aggrieved.
“We ask the Federal Ministry of Works to repair and  fix the three ravaged Sections of the Owerri Onitsha Express Way that are in Oba, Ekwusigo and Ihiala all in Anambra State of Nigeria.
“We state that commuters are forced to enter into roads in villages that may not be safe,  due to the sorry states of the road, which scenario will compromise the lives and safety of Nigerians travelling through that road.
“We state that two of the three portions of the  Sections of the Owerri Onitsha Express Way, have been completely cut off and same have claimed the lives of innocent commuters.
“We tell the Minister of Works to fix the cut off sections of the roads for safety and security of Nigerians plying the road.
“We are going to post this on WhatssAp in reaction to the affirmation of the  Minister of Works, Engr. Umahi that he will take up matters posted on WhatssAp with immediate alacrity.
“We call on President Bola Tinubu to read the riot act to all involved in the spirit of one Nigeria,” the statement added.

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