Group asks NBA Benin Chair, Edo-Osagie to resign

A group of Edo State youth based  professionals in Nigeria and in Diaspora, Edo Youth Vanguard, EYV,  has called for the resignation of  Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Benin branch, chairman, Nosa Edo-Osagie.

EYav called him a stooge of the Peoples Democratic party, PDP, led government in Edo State .
A statement in Benin City, by Convener of the Edo Youth Vanguard,  Osaro Benedict, on Saturday, said:
“The blogosphere was awash this weekend over the partisan  and unguarded comments of the Chairman of NBA, Benin Branch, Edo-Osagie, who has turned the NBA Benin Branch into a joke, as the Exco under his watch, now visits every Tom , Dick and Harry.
“The NBA Benin Branch Chairman, Edo-Osagie, recently,  in a visit to a politician, who has  pending cases against other politicians at the  Edo State National Assembly Tribunal, openly expressed his partisan posture in an ignoble manner.
“This has never been demonstrated any where in Nigeria in any of branches of the NBA, since the history of the NBA.
“He  stated that he would set up a committee to  monitor a case that the politician has interest in,, as if the NBA has been briefed by the politician, or as if the NBA is a partisan organisation.
He is now a lackey of PDP led Edo govt
“It is, however, not a surprise that Edo-Osagie is now an image laundering machine  for the PDP in Edo State, as  he is actually as official
of the PDP led government in two agencies.
“He is first as a member of Edo State Private Property Protection Committee and again as a Board Member of the Edo State Public Procurement Agency .
“There is, therefore, a huge conflict of interest interest for Edo-Osagie as an official of Government.
“Nosa Edo Osagie can not criticise the same government he works for.
“It is, therefore, iin the place of honour for Edo-Osagie to either resign his position in Edo State Government or resign as Chairman of the NBA Benin Branch.
“This is because he can not be seen to hold the three positions ,as he has shown openly that his involvement in government is affecting his official responsibilities.
“He can not perform his duties, with out affection or ill will. He is incurably jaundiced.
“The Lion Bar is now the Pussy Cat Bar, which is now stale, weak and dying in instalment.
“Members of the  Benin Bar should rise and save their association, before it becomes a laughing stock of Society,” EYV added.

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