Obi worried over fake stories on interviews he never granted

Presidential candidate of Labour Party, LP, in the February 25, poll, Mr. Peter Obi, has expressed dismay over fake media reports and news items on interviews and press remarks he never granted.
Obi in a series of tweets on Saturday, said:
“I have noticed with dismay, an emerging pattern where fake media reports and news items are predicated on interviews and press remarks I never granted.
“Two recent instances relate to my saying that I am looking forward to running for office in 2027 on a supposed Arise TV interview that never took place.
“The other is about my reaction to prospective appointees into the Federal Government. Both reports are bogus.
“Regrettably, our politics have sunken to this abysmal level where manipulation of the media space is now a trade.
“For me, I shall continue to speak on topical national issues via recognized news and media outfits.
“But I  certainly will not concern myself with cheap distractive trolls.
“My focus and that of the Obidient Movement will not derail from the original mission of creating a new Nigeria which we believe is possible.
“Our emphasis has never been on political positions or personal aggrandizement, but on putting the nation on the right footing and deepening our democracy by helping to elevate and empower the downtrodden in our society.
“That was why our messages during the electioneering campaigns were all issue-driven,” he added.

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