Nationwide strike: NLC hails Nigerian workers for complying

..says continue mobilsation, let the success continue

Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, on Tuesday, thanked Nigerian workers for complying with the nationwide strike action it called with Trade Congress Union of Nigeria, TUC, to compel government to address the hardship occasioned by the removal of fuel subsidy.

Labour is also protesting the brutalization of NLC President, Joe Ajaero in Owerri, Imo State on November 1, among other demands.

Meanwhile, banks, judicial workers,  and many other sectors would be shut down from Tuesday, as their various affiliates have called on members to join the strike.

NLC in a statement on Tuesday, on its assessment of the on-going strike action by its Secretary General, Emmanuel Ugboaja, said:

We with to wish to appreciate and congratulate all affiliates and State Councils for the great work in complying with the directive of the National Executive Council, NEC, resolution to begin a nationwide strike today (Tuesday).

“Congress salutes your resoluteness and determination in ensuring that all of our workplaces were shut down completely and workers stayed at home.

The solidarity and singlemindedness in delivering on our resolutions has put a lie to those who wants to see a contrary outcome and have thoroughly made a resounding statement around the nooks and crannies of our nation.

“Our assessment showed more than expected compliance in today’s outing despite being the first day of action.

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Gaps that were expected on the first day were surprisingly not that very visible. Just like an aero plane taking off will experience a little bit of drag in lifting off the tarmac, ours today was a smooth and cleaner take off.

We doff our hats for you all and congratulate you for your doggedness. You surpassed our expectations thus we urge you to gird your loins and make it more compelling tomorrow until the government meets our demands.

Continue the mobilsation and let the success continue.

“We remain committed to greater success in this action which can only happen with our collective efforts and determination to free our members in Imo State and ensure that the government is held accountable for the use of violent abduction and brutality as a tool in workplace engagement,” the statement added.

Labour had after the November 1, incident, called on government to redeploy and investigate of the Commissioner of Police, Imo State Command; sack the Area Commander of the Nigeria Police Force and all other Officers and Men in Owerri through whom the Police Commissioner supervised the brutalisation and humiliation of Ajaero and other workers and Mr. Nwaneri Chinasa, Adviser on Special Duties, who supervised the terror on workers and bestial brutality meted out to congress President, Joe Ajaero be arrested immediately and prosecuted for his crimes against workers and the President.

Others are an immediate, independent and unbiased thorough professional medical examination of Ajaero in light of the physical and psychological injuries inflicted on him; other workers and journalists subjected to inhuman treatment by the Police and the Hope Uzodimma’s goons be treated by the state and all the property lost be restored immediately and the implementation of all outstanding Industrial Relations issues as previously agreed with the Imo state government.

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