Power outage:  You’re wicked to us, Festac Town residents tell Eko Disco

Festac Town, Lagos
Most residents of Festac Town, Lagos, have accused Edo Distribution Company, Eko distribution of being wicked to them, by not supplying them electricity.
They also expressed continued frustration that Edo distribution was holding them hostage as they have no choice of another distribution company
Most of the residents who spoke to Frontier News complained that while residents of other areas under Eko distribution have testified of marginal improved public power supply, the same can’t be said of them.
The affected areas include 11 Road , 111 Road, 312 Road, 721 Road, 206 Road, 21 Road, 3rd Avenue, 311 Road, 11 Road, 31 Road, 321 Road, and many more.
A resident on 11 Road, said even when other areas say there was a little improvement in power supply, that his area goes for days without light.
The self employed, who gave his name as Bode, said:
“With the swearing in of President Bola Tinubu, we had power supply for two three days, we thought Eko distribution has changed, but it’s barely two months since Tinubu took over, we still stay for days without light.
“This is nothing but wickedness.
“Before the hike in petrol prices, we didn’t care much, but with N590 for a liter of petrol in Lagos today and we are forced to buy if for our homes, you can see that Eko distribution is just being wicked to us?  he added.
Another resident on 311 Road, accused Eko distribution personell of wanting to be settled before ensure regular light for his area.
John, as he gave his name said:
“In few parts of Festac Town, we heard they have a little light and a friend who lives in thar area aid some big guys in their area settles Eko distribution people for light.
“I don’t know how true that is,but if you consider that my area here hardly gets light and they appear to get more, you have no option but to believe him.
“This weekend ending today, Saturday, for three days now,we have not had light. Before them, they bring it for 10 minutes a day, can you see how wicked they are to us?
‘The sad part is that we can’t opt for another DISCO, which is why they treat us the way they like.
One of the blocks of flat on 311 Road, has been without light for four days and residents say its a regular thing
“Let the Tinubu government make is possible for us to join another DISCO. Eko distribution is really punishing us,” John added.
Another resident, who lives on 202 Road, and gave his name as Bisi, said: “I had thought that with Tinubu in power, things will change with Edo distribution.
“But as you can see, we just don’t have hope. This is pure wickedness. How can I be buying fuel at N595 at filling station or N700 at black market to power my house?
“Most times, my wife cook soup and stew in large quantity we keep in the fridge because cooking everything day is expensive now.
“These soups go bad because EKo distribution will not supply us light for days. Is that not wickedness,?  he querried.

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