Ramadan, Lent: Kidnappings leave us in despair -Peter Obi

Former Anambra State governor, Mr. Peter Obi has said the kidnappings of school children and women in Sokoto, Borno, and Kaduna, including the previous abductions, notably the Chibok girls, Leah Sharibu leave us in despair.

He added that the senseless killings in various parts of the country add to “Our collective grief and fear.”

Obi in his X on Tuesday, said: “As we step into the sacred month of Ramadan, aligning with the ongoing Christian fasting season of Lent, our hearts are heavy with concern for the challenges gripping our beloved nation.

“The ongoing captivity of our daughters and sons, the recent alarming rise in kidnappings of over 750 children and women across Sokoto, Borno, and Kaduna states, including those still held in captivity from several previous abductions, notably the Chibok girls, Leah Sharibu and the ongoing unabated kidnappings across the entire nation, leave us in despair.

“We witness the pervasive hunger afflicting majority of our fellow citizens, etched on their faces, and the profound hardships they endure.

“Senseless killings in various parts of our nation add to our collective grief and fear.

“Our prayers as a nation are for God to touch the hearts of those holding them captive, urging them to find compassion in the spirit of Ramadan and Lent, and to release all those in their illicit custody.

“May they be reunited with their families during this season of prayers and penitence.

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“May the government find the will and wisdom to decisively act to rescue the abducted children, parents, students, teachers, and all others now in captivity.

“We pray God to Grant us the fortitude and unwavering faith to navigate these dark times.

“May our spirits be strengthened, knowing You are the ultimate source of strength and solace.

“Bless our nation with abundant peace which only flows from good leadership. May violence cease, and tranquillity return throughout the land.

“Let the holy spirit of Ramadan and Lent permeate our hearts, fostering unity and brotherhood.

“Let the divine guide us all towards inner tranquillity. As we fast and pray, may we find solace and strength in Your divine presence.

“May this inner peace mend societal fractures and lay the foundation for a brighter future.

“May this Ramadan and Lent be a turning point for Nigeria, where we collectively embrace the true essence of Your teachings, paving the way for a just, prosperous, and peaceful future. Amen,” he added.

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