Taiwo Obasanjo apologises for husband’s stand up order to Obas

Wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Taiwo Obasanjo, has apologised to  Yoruba leaders and pleaded for  forgiveness of her husband, over what played out at the road commissioning by Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State on Friday.

Chief Obasanjo was seen in a viral video ordering the Obas to stand up and sit down during the programme, while talking about cultural practice.

But reacting to controversy that have trailed the action, Taiwo in a statement, said: “This is my personal stand on the manner Chief Obasanjo addressed the Kings at Iseyin at the road commissioning by Governor Makinde of Oyo State on Friday.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

“As a legitimate member of Chief Obasanjo’s family, l will like to state publicly worldwide and privately that the manner in which Daddy Obasanjo addressed the monarchs is not acceptable to God, to the Yoruba race and to the throne of Kingship and it must not be repeated again by any leader in Yoruba land.

“Daddy Obasanjo should not have treated the kings with open contempt and humiliation in order to correct them and revealing their secret that they bow for him privately. It is not good at all. It is too humiliating.

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“Protocols could have corrected them privately and respectfully, humbly with love and friendliness. The only person that is infallible is God.

“God Himself is known as the King of kings and mortals too speak up to God when there is a misunderstanding of His intent.

“An example was when God in annoyance wanted to destroy the Israelites in the wilderness, Moses had to speak up and beg God not to destroy them.

“Another example was when Cain after killing his brother Abel, God pronounced terrible judgement on Cain but Cain pleaded with God that the punishment was too much and unbearable for him, that anyone who sees him will kill him.

“God listened to Cain’s appeal despite his horrible act of murdering his brother… etc.

“ There are many examples in the Bible of men speaking up to God, but they spoke not in arrogance or self justification but in humility and remorse.

“God sent his priest to King David privately to correct him with respect on his error when he killed Bathsheba’s husband.

“God didn’t humiliate King David because of his error and because He is Almighty God, God still accorded respect and honour to a mortal king he created and crowned when he erred.

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“Monarchy is an institution God Himself established before any political government came up to manage the affairs of men.

“I want to publicly state here that on behalf of the family, the children, the wives, the grandchildren and all members of the family of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, l am offering a big and genuine apology both spiritual and physical to all the kings of Oyo State, all the kings of Yoruba land and the entire Yoruba race both in Nigeria and Diaspora.

“Please, l beg for permanent and eternal forgiveness and pardon from all Yoruba sons and daughters worldwide, fathers and mothers, youths, teenagers and children, Christians, Muslims, traditional worshippers, all leaders in Yoruba land and the Council of Kings in Yoruba land.

“Please l humbly appeal with all humility don’t avenge on any of us the misdeeds of Daddy Obasanjo.

“I am a full Yoruba woman married to Chief Obasanjo for over 40 years and l have two children for him both male and female. I am a grand mother.

“I do not support the humiliating treatment of the kings of Oyo State by Chief Obasanjo. Let history bear my record that l came out to apologize to the Oyo kings and Yoruba land on behalf of the family,” she added.

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