Why Tinubu should resolve Mambilla Power project dispute amicably —Emir of Mambilla

The Emir of Mambilla, HRH,  Dr Shehu Baju II has urged the federal government to explore amicable means to resolve the disputes surrounding the Mambilla Hydro Power project to enable the country enjoy the immense benefits of the 3,050 MW hydroelectric power-generating project.

In a letter to President Bola Tinubu, Dr Baju who is also the President of Sardauna Traditional Council, Taraba State, expressed concerns over the lingering dispute hindering the project noting that the protracted project has also stalled the lighting up of the Mambilla Plateau which has tremendous tourism and agricultural potential.

The letter dated December 18, and titled “ The mambilla hydro power project and final resolve 40 years on,” read: “We call on you Mr. President to cast your lenses on the Mambilla Hydro Project which is capable of generating over 50, 000 skilled jobs with economic/technical spillovers and 3.500 MWS of electricity in the North east region and Nigeria as a whole.

“Your Excellency, we also call on your good office to enforce amicable resolution between the contractors and any ongoing dispute which has stalled this project. Sunrise Powers Transmission for one have visited us numerous times, acquainted themselves with our people and accepted by us.

“It would interest you to know your Excellency, that the Chairperson of Sunrise, Mr. Leno Adesanya has also been recently conferred with a Traditional Title “Tauraru of Mambilla (Star and Light) for his effort over the years and support to the kingdom towards actualizing this viable project.

“We have followed keenly as events unfold and seek your intervention, towards amicable solution to enable progress and reality of this viable project.

“We ask Mr. President that you support both the local content and international partners into ensuring a successful start and completion of this viable project aimed towards locals, regional and national development.”

Recall that two notable Senior lawyers, Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN and Chief Afe Babalola, SAN, had also advised the federal government to resolve the ongoing dispute which is currently under artibration at the International Criminal Court, ICC.

The top lawyers, in separate official letters to the federal government, advised the federal government to amicably resolve the dispute, saying that unlike the Process & Industrial Developments (P&ID) case which was flawed with corruption, bribery and preemptive contractual loopholes, the Mambilla/Sunrise case might be different.




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