Asari Dokubo’s Macabre dance in market place: Shameless rant of a spent force

By: Douglas Ogbankwa

Asari Dokubo, the leader of the Niger Delta Volunteer Force, NDVF, got a place in Aso Rock, the seat of Nigerian Power to see the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria -Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on a Courtesy Visit, the same place Bill Gates one of the avatars of this world, went to a few hours later.

He enjoyed the spotlight granted an interview and made unguarded statements against the respected High Command of the Nigerian Military.

Buoyed by the rave given to him by the Nigerian Media, Asari Dokubo brandished an AK 47 in the Social Media and made unwarranted and unprovoked genocidal statements against the Igbos .

I must tell the Federal Government which I supported to come to power that the silence against the bellicose rhetorics of Asari Dokubo is deafening and it could set the stage for an avoidable belligerence. Asari Dokubo must be called to order and brought to book .No one has a monopoly of having access to an AK 47.

I hope the Egbesu will not take the place of the Fulani Herdsmen. Asari Dokub0 should be arrested by the DSS for actually waging communal war / waging native war or terrorism. If it was a helpless or hapless communal leader, he would have been arrested and arraigned by now for waging communal war or for terrorism.

It is only in a decrepit society like ours that make zeros like Asari Dokubo heros. Asari Dokubu has no right to insult a tribe that has some of the world’s best brains and talented souls.

By insulting the Igbos as a whole ,Asari Dokubu has insulted Chioma Ajunwa ,the first Nigerian to win an Olympics gold medal , Phillip Emegweali, one of the pioneers of the Internet, Ngonzi Okonjo -Iweala-the President of the World Trade Organisation, Chimamanda Adichie -the award Winning Writer, Chika Chikwuemeriji -the first Nigerian to Win an Olympic Medal in Takwaedo, Jay Okocha, Nwankwo Kanu, Gennevive Nnaji, Peter Okoye, Emeka Ogalla, the new Chief of Naval Staff, Hope Uzodinma, the Governor of Imo State, Emeka Ngige, Ogbonnaya Onu, etc.

These are the some of the Ambassadors of the Igbo Race, in different dimensions. A race of talented and enterprising persons that are some of the best of their generations .

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Asari Dokubu that is saying Nnamdi Kanu should not be released, himself fought for his release through the courts ,one of which court cases produced the locus Clasicus of Asari Dokubu v Federal Republic of Nigeria, where the Supreme Court said that where the Freedom of a person threatens national security,then the freedom of the person should be curtailed.

Asari Dokubu then cried to the high heavens ,saying he was being oppressed .He was finally released on compassionate grounds.Will Asari not now agree that Nnamdi Kanu is being oppressed or that he should not be released on health grounds?

The same Supreme Court stated in Mohammed Abacha v State , that if a person had a medical condition that threatens his life and keeping him in detention or prison will be a risk to his life , such a person should be granted bail on health grounds to attend to his health as *Only the Living can Face Trial.

Nnamdi Kanu is very sick ,he Should be released ,this is even more so , as several courts have granted him bail .Let us follow the Law on this matter .
Asari Dokubu should not even be in our national consciousness. God forbid the day the likes of Asari Dokubu will become the conscious of our society. Asari Dokubo will be confined to the dustbin of time in the hall of shame for his divisive diatribes.
Let us preach national unity and forget tribal bigots like Asari. Tribalism is tool used by goons to control fools

*Douglas Ogbankwa, is a lawyer, writer and policy analyst, is the President of National Movement for the Actualization of Good Governance, NAMAGG.

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