My plans for NBA Lagos Branch as Secretary, by Majemite

A candidate for Secretary in the forthcoming election of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Lagos Branch, Emuobonuvie Majemite, has said he will address the hiccups around delivery of lawyers’ stamp and seal.

He said if elected, he would deliver innovative and technology-driven service to the secretariat.

At a briefing in Lagos, Majemite, a Partner at one of Nigeria’s oldest and biggest law firms, Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors, promised to bring his leadership experience to bear on branch activities.

He said: “I will streamline and abridge the process and time lag for application and delivery of the NBA stamp, an issue that continues to plague lawyers in private and public practice.

“I will increase the reportage of Branch activities in terms of sharing action points from general meetings and communiques from branch events. These will be available on the individual members’ portals.

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“I will manage the Branch’s assets and implement a depreciation policy to take care of the disposal and replacement of outdated properties.

“I will implement technology in the delivery of most functions such as the issuance of letters of good standing, regular revision of branch membership, issuance of NBA ID cards, etc.

“I firmly believe that many tasks can be automated to make lives easier for members without having to visit the physical office.

“Much like many banking functions can be done from the comfort of our homes and offices, I will make interaction with the secretariat possible from members’ homes and offices.

“I will deliver an accessible secretariat to branch members.

“I will be dedicated to the secretariat for the duration of my tenure, with the full backing and support of my law firm, PUNUKA Attorneys and Solicitors and that of other organisations that I hold leadership positions in such as the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK (Nigeria Branch) and the National Association of Catholic Lawyers, Lagos Archdiocese.

“I plan to run a technologically-driven and solution-oriented secretariat.”

On what stands him out from other candidates running for the office, said he has the organisational skills and expertise to deliver on the job.

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Majemite, who heads both the Property Law and the Arbitration and ADR Practice groups at Punuka, added: “Without meaning to sound immodest, my track record of proven administration and coordination sets me apart from my dear junior at the Bar running against me.

“I have manned positions that require strong organisational and interpersonal skills, which are my attributes I am known for.

“Finally, the institutional support of my firm cannot be over-emphasised.

“My practice will continue to thrive, even with my devotion to the branch secretariat because I am a partner in my firm of over ten partners.”

Majemite believes the NBA will continue to play a critical role in governance with the right leadership, which he will help provide at the Lagos Branch level if elected.

“Just like any other voluntary association, there will always be room to do better.

“There is always some level of innovative service that can be applied by the leadership.

“I think that the NBA has done a fair job in being a common front for lawyers to speak on issues, to continue to be a watchdog in society and to advocate for the welfare of its members.

“There is always an opportunity for improvement, however, and competent lawyers must rise to the occasion to take the NBA to greater heights,” Majemite added.

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