Child tango: Chats how Sandra Agho agreed with Kelvin Martins for their child travel to Denmark

The case of the Nigeria -Danish child tango over Johannes Martins is getting clearer as Kelvin Martin released directly from his late Wife -Mina’s  Phone direct messages between his late wife Mina and Sandra Agho, showing the truth in the matter.

The chat shows with cogent and unassailable evidence that Sandra Agho knew that Kelvin Martins was married when she got pregnant of the child-Johannes and it also corroborates the Danish and Nigerian Interpol  Report on the matter, that Johannes was taken to Denmark with Sandra legal consent.
The publication also showed that Sandra Agho knew that Kelvin Martins was married as at the time she got pregnant for him, as the chat shows Sandra Agho chatting with Kelvin  Martins’ late wife, on many issues,  including the arrangement to take the child to Denmark.
For the avoidance of doubt, the Nigerian Interpol Report, quoting the Danish Interpol investigation on the can be surmised thus :
A Certified True Copy of the International Criminal Police Organisation Report dated June 27, 2022, with Reference No. AB: 4099/x/ICPOL/LOS/VCP/3142, which was signed by the then Deputy Commissioner of Police INTERPOL, Force CID Annex, Alagbon Close Ikoyi, Lagos, DCP Martin Nwogoh, has concluded the truth of the matter as it links to Sandra Agjo and the Danish of Nigeria descent, Kelvin Martins over their child.
In essence, the report demonstrates the falsity of Sandra Agho’s media-covered accusations.
In a petition by Sandra’s lawyer, Obasuyi & Obasuyi, dated June 22, 2022, entitled “CASE OF ABDUCTION, THREAT TO LiFE AND CONDUCT LIKELY TO CAUSE BREACH OF THE PEACE AGAINST ONE KELVINbMARTIN” to the police.
“Kelvin was alleged of abduction, threat to life and likely breach of peace and the Danish Branch of INTERPOL in response to the petition stated in its report that:
“That Johannes Martins is confirmed to be registered in the Danish police system as a child of Sandra Palmer Agho {mother) and Kelvin Martins (Father).
“That on interrogation of Kelvin Martins by the Danish police authorities, he confirmed that he had sex with Sandra Agho in Nigeria while on holiday, which resulted in the birth of Johannes Martins in year 2019.
The report further stated, while exonerating Kelvin further from the allegations put against him by Sandra that:
“That Sandra Palmer handed over custody of her son, Johannes Martins to Kelvin Martins and requested that he be taken to Denmark.
“That Kelvin Martins had at several times offered Sandra the opportunity to come to Denmark to see her son and she had wanted to take Johannes instead
“That a Danish international passport has been obtained for Johannes Martins and the Danish police authority confirmed that he was healthy and well, seems to be happy without any signs of dissatisfaction.”
Kelvin Martins
In a twist of turn, INTERPOL had observed that, “The apartment where Johannes and Kelvin reside was confirmed to be neat and tidy, that it was not characterized by any kind of dissatisfaction” and so:
“That Kelvin stated that Johannes was already attending Danish school and has started speaking Danish.
“That Kelvin Martins is married in Denmark and Sandra is aware of which of this fact though his wife gave consent to having sex with Sandra while in Nigeria.
“That a DNA test confirmed that Johannes Martins is the son of Kelvin Martins and Sandra Agho.
‘And that he always sent the pictures of Johannes to Sandra and was always speaking on phone and on via video calls.
“That the wife of Kelvin in Denmark, Afhane (Mina) took ill and later died as a result of the sickness what was okay with Sandra coming over to Denmark as they were all friends and had pictures together but Sandra declined.”
The INTERPOL Danish Branch prepared the original report in Danish, which was then translated into English.
The highest international police organisation in the world, INTERPOL, has a high standard for synchronised investigations that extends to all of its member nations.

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