Disqualifying Tinubu only way to strengthen democracy -Atiku Supporters

The Atiku Diaspora Support Group, has said nullifying the outcome of the 2023 Presidential Election and disqualifying the All Progressives Congress, APC’s President Bola Tinubu remains the only way to strengthen Nigeria’s democracy.

The Founder of the group, Chief Franklin Ekechukwu, in a statement in Lagos, described as lame, claims that nullifying the election would throw Nigeria into chaos.

According to him, the matter before the court and reports by foreign and local observers have shown that many things were wrong with the conduct of the 2023 Presidential Election that produced Bola Tinubu as winner.

Describing the statement credited to Tinubu as being a big laugh.

“He (Tinubu) was telling Nigeria that obeying and following the rule of law will bring chaos, in another words, breaking the law is advantageous.

“It was a statement made by one who does not have any defense so looking for straws to hang on.

“Nullifying and disqualifying Tinubu is the only way to strengthen democracy. Not only that it will be exert the judiciary to take its rightful place in the Nigerian democratic system.

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“Sometimes, I wondered if INEC misbehavior of violating its guideline, electoral law and the constitution to force Tinubu on Nigeria is divinely orchestrated to put Nigeria on the right path,” Ekechukwu said.

According to him, if the judiciary does the right thing, it wil engender rebuild public trust and strengthen democracy in Nigeria.

“The Nigeria citizen will begin to believe in the Judiciary again, for as it is now, they have little, or no trust in the judiciary.

“The principle of one man one vote will be reestablished. This is to say, it will make honest politicians come out to be fielded by their political parties.

“When people vote, they know that their vote will count and the person they voted for will be declared winner,” he said.

Ekechukwu added that the international community would begin to take Nigeria very serious in the quest of moving the country forward and dispensing the dividend of democracy to its citizens if the judiciary became truly independent.

“One decision will change the economic outlook of Nigeria, investors looking to do business in Nigeria will build confident that the government they are dealing with is to be trusted and did not rig themselves in.

“This alone will be a huge plus for Nigerian people. That is restoring sanity to the polity.

“It will eliminate corruption INEC and possibly sanitize the idea of bias in the system,” he added.

Ekechukwu said that if President Tinubu remained in office despite all fact against the poll, it would not augur well for the nation’s democracy.

He said: “If the atrocities are mistakenly overlooked by the judiciary, it will be catastrophic for the country, believe me it will mean the end of democracy in Nigeria.

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“Currently in the world democratic index of 10, Nigerian democracy is 4, this simply means that Nigeria is practicing democratic system that is below the half mark of actual democracy.

“Now imagine Tinubu still upheld by the Judiciary as the president, there will be no respect of law. it will signal to the whole world that Nigeria is not serious.

“That in Nigeria, one can kill, maim, destroy properties, and still be declared winner. It means that forging documents and lying under oath is acceptable.

“The norm for politicians will be “you can do anything and get away with it.

“It also means that the supposed unbiased umpire should become biased and always take side of the ruling party and nothing will happen, it will also mean that people’s vote will not count at any time of the election.

“I am afraid that there may not be Nigeria as we know it.”

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