Human trafficking: Obaseki hails Ruth Benson-Idahosa on US Award

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, has applauded the founder of Pathfinders Justice Initiative, PJI and Hub of Economic Resources for Survivors Africa, HERS, Ruth Benson-Idahosa, on the award of the ‘2023 Trafficking in Persons, TIP, Heroes’ by the United States Government.

In a statement, the governor hailed the courageous and impactful work of Ruth Benson-Idahosa, applauding her resolve, resilience, and dedication to advancing the campaign against sex trafficking in Nigeria.

According to him, “I congratulate you, Ruth Evon Benson-Idahosa, on the recognition by the United States Government for your immense work in deepening the fight against sex trafficking in Nigeria.

“I salute your concerted work through the Pathfinders Justice Initiative and Hub of Economic Resources for Survivors Africa (HERS Africa) in contributing to the global charge to end sex trafficking. This includes the provision of protection and prevention services to more than 3,000 women and girls.


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“We are proud of the excellent work you have done and celebrate your hard work and determination in ensuring a better life for young people across the world.

“Your effort aligns with our concerted work in Edo State to address the menace of human trafficking and irregular migration in collaboration with national and international development bodies. This campaign has yielded immense impact and we are indeed elated that you are contributing to this all-important work.”

He noted that Benson-Idahosa would serve as a role model to youths in Edo State and would continue to advance the state’s government’s campaign against human trafficking.

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