Unmasking Nigerian Woman: A rebuttal to Nigerian man’s claims

By  Victory Ezomo
While we have all been singing praises for the boisterous and charismatic Nigerian Man, it is  high time someone dropped a truth bomb – they are  overrated, Yes I said it.
Now, shifting our focus, let us  talk about the real star of the show.
When God created women, He graced the world with a hybrid masterpiece *The Nigerian woman*.
A divine romantic involvement with a Nigerian woman doesn’t just feel lucky; it is like winning the jackpot.
Being with a Nigerian woman is way smoother than silk. All she wants from her man is loyalty and love – easy-peasy.
Bagging a Nigerian woman might seem like a challenge, but remember, good things come to those who work their behinds off.
These earthly treasures God placed here are worth every effort. So, gentlemen, the only toolkit you need is filled with *love and affection*.
The Nigerian woman is a bold charmer, confident yet humble, brainy yet submissive, stunningly pretty with a side of sizzling hot.
 One glance at her is like gazing at a beautiful sunrise; her radiant black skin and curves make the world stop and stare.
She’s effortlessly mesmerising, making you speechless and clutching for… well, you know what I mean. It’s a sight that screams, “Put in the effort !”
This extraordinary woman is strong, always ready to have her man’s back through thick and thin.
While she might not initiate dates, she’s got something even better up her sleeve – cooking. yes she’s a great cook, she does not  just serve food; she also dishes out *soul-satisfying culinary masterpieces in the bedroom* 😄
When it comes to bedroom action, a Nigerian woman’s got moves that will make your head spin. No need for lies or tricks here, she’s just naturally intoxicating.
With those sexy curves and a body that’s straight out of a fantasy, she’ll take you on a ride to cloud nine and back.
Nigerian women can make you climax faster than a Formula 1 car.When it comes to bedroom adventures, Nigerian women redefine the term “excitement.”
Sure, there might be a few who seem entitled, but the genuine Nigerian woman is not about playing politics, wielding bedroom power, or showing off her culinary prowess.
These ladies are trailblazers, leaving their mark in every corner of life.
With their style, grace, and determination, Nigerian women prove time and again that they are the ultimate powerhouses.
Nigerian women They don’t need to be placed on some monthly paycheck from a partner to build their dreams.
Nope, they are out making waves and achieving their goals.  But it doesn’t mean they won’t take it if you offered.
Nigerian women aren’t just lovers; they’re givers and keepers. Once they’re into you, they offer their time, money, and affection.
They’re not shy to pay on dates, buy gifts for their partners, cook, clean, and dote on you – even if they’re not yet your official “Mrs.”
Handling household responsibilities is a breeze for these ladies, partner or no partner. They take pride in keeping their families comfortable and well-taken care of.
Whether it’s 12 AM intercessions or unwavering support in tough times, the Nigerian woman is a superhero in her own right.
And hey, let’s bust this myth right now of  *Nigerian women being gold diggers or high-maintenance divas*. Seriously, where’s the gold to dig if it isn’t there?
Nigerian women are tranquil, as it is only a Nigerian man who would ask you out on a date and expect  to go home with you right after like it’s a transaction.
If she refuses she’s termed hard to get if she agrees  she called a slut, it’s the double standard for me and it is catch 22 situation..
Now, let’s not forget the Nigerian women who are revolutionizing fashion every day.
They’re not just wearing clothes; they’re making fashion statements that make other countries envious. Move over, synthetic hair debates – Nigerian women are rewriting fashion rules in their own style.
I’m talking about shaking up the scene with the glorious Ankara prints and flaunting that stunning afro natural hair or braids Trust me, we’ve taken the global fashion stage and turned it into our own personal runway.
To sum it all up, a Nigerian woman is an extraordinary being with an unmatched aura,great sense of humor, has a forgiving heart and a priceless sense of self-worth.
She is gold, and she’ll go to the moon and back for her man. So, my friend, take it from me – *being with a Nigerian woman isn’t just a blessing; it’s a gift*.
In conclusion , in as much as I am proud to be a Nigerian woman, I have  got to admit, sometimes it feels like our system is rigged against us.
But guess what? We still stand tall against the odds, because that is  just how we roll.
Although, maybe I will consider men from other countries – *you know, ones who don’t require anointing oil, inhalers, Bibles, and BP kit combo after all Na love we love we nor kill person.*
So, here is  to all the incredible Nigerian women out there – keep being fierce, fabulous, and utterly unforgettable. And to all the fellas, trust me, you better bring your A-game if you want to keep up with these wonder women. Cheers.
Miss Victory Ezomo, is an OAP , Writer , Voice Over Artiste , Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Blogger .She can be reached on  victoryezomo3@gmail.com

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